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Automotive Compressed Air Equipment

We offer a wide range of automotive and workshop compressors designed for Bodyshops, Mechanical Workshops, MOT Centres and Tyre fitting centres.

We also provide nitrogen generators for tyre inflation and compressed air treatment equipment to clean the air of your existing system and also condensate treatment equipment to help you meet the current legal requirements. After sales support is also available throughout Great Britain through a network of service centres.

Bodyshop Compressors

Bodyshops We supply a range of screw compressors perfect for bodyshops which include integrated dryers ensuring you have a constant supply of clean, dry air.

Workshop Compressors

Workshops We offer ranges of both piston and screw compressor packages ideally suited for workshop applications.

Tyre Inflation

Tyre Inflation As well as piston and screw compressors, we provide dual output compressors providing both nitrogen and compressed air offering benefits for drivers in terms of fuel consumption and driver safety.

Air Treatment

Air Treatment Dryers and filters are available to ensure your air is of the highest quality and we also provide condensate separators to ensure effective condensate management.


Pipework Atlas Copco's AIRnet piping system compliments your system by delivering quality air exactly where you need it.